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‘Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is , there is liberty. ‘ II Corinthians 3:17

Freedom is a big word. It’s thrown around so much, yet how many know what it is or how to acquire it? In the USA, we say we are free, but are we? We may be free to do so many things, but are we truly free?

I heard a story a few days ago about how people are reacting during this pandemic. One person said, “do you think this is when Jesus will return?” Another person agreed with him but still others doubted. After hearing the conversation from afar, a wise, old man walked over.

He said, “you want Jesus to return?” The people responded, “yes, yes we do. Life would be so much better.” The old man replied to them and said, “if Jesus returns, will He not say to you — ‘come and follow me?’”

The old man then asked, “what will you do then? What will you do with your car payment, house payment, student loans, credit card debt?”

The point he brings is while many of us are free to make choices, those choices are actually putting us in chains. We are losing our freedom to pleasures we don’t need. We sacrifice freedom for instant rewards rather than having the patience to reap the rewards of freedom.

I wonder what you and I would do if Jesus did return? If he said to us, “come, come follow me?” How would we respond?

When this verse talks about the “spirit of the Lord” and “liberty,” I wonder how many people actually feel “free?” From experience, when God is at the center of your thoughts and actions — freedom is evident. It’s not a freedom to do whatever you want, but instead a freedom to just live your life. A freedom to be who God called you to be. A freedom where you are not comparing to anyone or anything. A freedom to be in your own skin.

This sounds like Nirvana. Ha, it is!

How do you experience this spirit, this feeling?

I think anyone can conjure up a feeling for something at any given point. It may not be easily generated but it can be replicated. This basically means, a relationship with the spirit is ultimately the bridge to the freedom you and I seek.

We don’t need a one hit wonder of freedom, we need a daily conversation about freedom. We need to be reminded who we are so we can live free. We need to know that nothing else matters and we are created great just the way we are. And, the best version of ourselves will create the most freedom in ourselves.

Freedom may look like saying and doing whatever we want. However, the true freedom we seek is ultimately locked up in understanding WHO we truly are. Rest in the fact that you are created unique, gifted and complete. God knew what He was doing when you were created. He knows what you need.

Rest in the freedom that you already are enough.



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Anthony Thompson

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