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For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can. — Ernest Hemingway

Today’s ride began with Lewis Howes and his guest Maria Konnikova. Maria is a best selling psychologist who recently became a poker champ i order to study social dynamics and decision making. What a crazy and interesting story. What a risk taker!

One of the first questions that really stuck with me was this idea, “where does hard work end and luck begin?” If you were to ask Donald Trump, he’s quoted as saying, “everything in life is luck.” However, if you were to ask Ralph Waldo Emerson, he would say, “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”

Lewis brings a story into the discussion from his friend Scooter Braun, who’s the music manager for artists such as, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato. When Lewis chatted with Scooter about his success he mentions luck 100% but he also mentions all of the hard work and failures as well. When Scooter discovered Justin Bieber on Youtube, he simply added up all of his wins and losses in hopes of attracting Justin, and he did.

But what about you and I, where does luck come in for us — the normal people? At one point do we recognize when luck is taking place and hard work has dissipated?

Some of these answers I don’t think we ever know, which is why Benjamin Franklin coined this phrase, “diligence is the mother of good luck.” So, what are you diligent at? Is there something you dream to do but lack the diligence to see it happen?

My hopes is for one day to write something that could be a book form. I don’t know what that is or what it looks like. I don’t feel as if I’ve grilled into the passion of what I want to write yet. But, my hope is that through the diligence of writing and reading, something will rise to the top. An idea, a story or something that will inspire and help people to become all they’ve been built for.

I guess that’s why I do my best to live inspired. An old friend once said to me, “Anthony, if you can discover what inspires you, do that one thing every day.” I ask myself that question every day. One of those things that keeps me inspired every day is listening to podcasts and reading book. I find my mind to become encouraged of the possibilities.

As you get into your day today, I implore you to look for luck. I believe we all have a measure of it. Of course, you need to exercise diligence as much as possible, but look for luck too. If people are learning to be in the right place at the right time — why not look for those moments for yourself. Imagine what luck looks like. Listen to stories of luck and I believe luck will find you out.

Today is a day of possibilities. A new day of luck. A new day of diligence. Do everything you can to squeeze it all out. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow, for today can be your day of greatness.

Keep well. a.

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