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I asked this question to my wife this morning. I had just finished cycling, inspired by some motivational podcast which triggered me to ask her, “what are my super powers,” or in other words, “what are my strengths?”

She didn’t hesitate one bit when she listed off a bunch. Some of them were: hard working, creative, a great writer, get the job done, intuitive to what people need, a presence for good or bad, driven. I forgot some of the others but that’s a good start.

It’s important to be self aware but also to confirm some of that awareness. Thank God for an amazing bride who can give it to me straight and is very 🤬 aware.

What got me started thinking along these lines was a podcast I was listening to called, Mission Daily. The host, Chad Grills, a friend of mine, asked this question on the show. I wasn’t sure what my strengths were in that moment but instead, took some time to reflect. I then brought my wife into the conversation. In the end, it definitely brought some clarity and confirmations which are always welcomed.

What about you? What are your super powers? What are your strengths? What makes you unique? What separates you from someone else?

Those are tough questions to ask yourself sometimes. I know for me, sometimes I look at what others are doing and feel like my life is meaningless. I’ve learned over the years that instead of comparing my journey to someone else's, I need to enjoy the journey that I am on. I need to embrace it. And, sometimes in order to embrace it, you need to dive deep into the ingredients that make up you.

I’d encourage you to interview yourself. Ask yourself these questions with purpose. Learn to explore your thoughts, your mind which will bring so much clarity to your everyday life.

Just the other day I heard this story about Kobe Bryant. The story goes, a media crew were heading to Kobe’s office to conduct an interview. The crew was excited and so they made sure they arrived at 6:00am for a 7:30am interview. They wanted to make sure they were all set and ready for Kobe. They could not waste 1 minute of his time.

As they arrived to his office to setup, they walked past his office and noticed Kobe laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling. They had no idea what he was doing but later during the interview asked, “Kobe, what time did you arrive to your office and why were you laying on the ground looking up at the ceiling?” I’d say it’s a fair question and I was genuinely interested in the answer from Kobe.

Kobe told them he arrived at 5am. He likes to get in early and “visualize the day.” He unpacked it a little more by explaining his desire to have more clarity in the day so he can be more present in everything he does.

I wish I could visualize my day like Kobe. The truth is, I absolutely can. Now that I know why he does it, why not? Why not visualize the opportunities of the day. Why not call “greatness” into existence? Why not meet potential losses with excitement of how you can do better? Why not dream?

That is a few takeaways today. And, if you’ve never interviewed yourself, you’re not alone. I had rarely ever asked myself so many questions. Mainly, because I didn’t value myself enough. I didn’t think my thoughts or life experienced mattered. But to me, my life does matter. My thoughts do matter and how I treat myself, is ultimately how I will treat others.

Do unto myself as I would do to others.
Love you — dream big. a.



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