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What is your self talk like everyday?

I mentioned yesterday how I listened to Dr. Ivan Joseph. What a guy! He’s a sports psychologist but I think even more than that — he’s just a great coach. One of the key takeaways was his three daily affirmations. I’ve listed them below.

  1. Nobody outworks me.
  2. I can learn anything.
  3. I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate.

What a great way to start your day. After listening to these from Dr. Ivan, I was reminded of how I used to do this. Most days I usually have some form of positive affirmations. Sometimes they are scriptures or quotes, but I’ve gotten away from a consistent message. Listening to this helped me to really refocus “what” these daily affirmations should sound like or what I want my life to become. I even went on amazon to buy some markers to write affirmations on my mirror. I want to see it everywhere.

This morning instead of cycling I decided to go on a hike. I started off listening to podcasts which then inspired me to pray, which then inspired me to create a talk. When I say “create a talk” what I mean by that is to imagine I was talking to a group of people. And when I say “talking,” what I mean by that is inspiring them regarding their life.

It was a great hike, a great time of prayer and a phenomenal time “pretending” I was talking to a group of people. During this time I also got into my own “self-talk.” I asked myself this question, “how am I encouraging myself today,” or “how am I loving myself today?”

The Bible is full of incredible scriptures that you can build into your own inventory of affirmations and self talk. Some of these that come to mind are the following:

  1. The joy of the Lord is my strength.
  2. I am fearfully and wonderful made — their is no fault or defect in me.
  3. I have the mind of Christ.
  4. I am created in the likeness and image of God.
  5. I am wise because wisdom is around my neck.
  6. I am strong and courageous.
  7. I have perfect peace because my mind is stayed on you (God) because I trust in you.
  8. I am grateful for (list specific items)

I not only remind myself of what the Bible says about me, but then I begin to imagine what the day may bring forth. I want to see the opportunities of the day. I want to see how life is happening “for me” and not “to me.” I’m not a victim in any way and believe that this day was created with so much potential. I don’t want to miss any of these opportunities or gifts that God has created specifically for today.

So, I ask God to show me these opportunities. Prepare me Lord for this incredible creation you have created today. Allow me to see and respond with wisdom.

Lastly, my words are powerful. If God created the world with his words, then we can do the same. If we can do the same, what are we creating with our words? I think for some, they aren’t even creating, they are destroying their day with their words — and I don’t want any part of that. I want my words today to create, build and inspire my world. Some of the things I love to say are the following:

  1. Great things are happening for me today.
  2. I can see problems and find solutions.
  3. I can learn anything — nothing is too hard because I have the mind of Christ.
  4. Greatness is upon me.

And, one last thing — it takes time. Nothing happens overnight but things do happen. Usually they happen when we least expect it. So, keep on putting one foot in front of the other. Keep building trust with people.

Live big, smile a ton — you’ve got this.




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