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Anthony Thompson
2 min readNov 2, 2020


What if you imagined you restarted your job every year? What would that look like and feel like? — Eric Geiger

I ran across this thought from Eric this morning and it really hit me. He went on to add more context by saying, “imagine you resigned and were brought back into your job every year. How would you approach your job differently?”

I thought this was a phenomenal approach to my responsibilities. Not only did it make me think twice about what I was doing, but it also awakened my mind to potential new opportunities.

What would I do different if I was taking over my position?

What would I look back upon as success and failures?

How would I train someone else to do my job?

Why am I focusing on what I’m focusing on?

How could I do my job differently?

I had question after question pour into my mind. Some were good ideas, others not so great. I changed my input of ‘how’ and ‘why’ I do my job and recieved an enormous amount of new ideas. I love that!

It’s basically a self review. Am I meeting up to the standards or have I become blinded by the security of a paycheck? It’s a big review to take on. I have to look at myself and say, “am I adding value to the organization or is there someone else who I think can do better?”

Another question I am asking myself is, “if I took on this role right now, what or how would I change anything?” What opportunities am I missing?

The goal in all of this is to review what you are doing and determine if there are areas ripe for change. And, trust me, this pandemic has us all wondering what we are doing at work sometimes. I’m the first to admit, there are days where I am stuck searching junk on google. This is something I hate to do as I find it to be a huge time suck.

But anyway, this is what I’m learning today. I hope it inspires you to search for ways to improve your work as well.

Always be learning. a.



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