When I read this verse one person comes to mind. I read a tweet from this person the other day and my heart goes out to all he and his teams are accomplishing. Here’s the tweet.

. He is so driven by action he created the Dream Center in Los Angeles. This place has been a constant flow of blessing to so many Angelanos during this time. So much so — that they have been feeding THOUSANDS of people. When I watch what Pastor Matthew is doing — it’s unbelievably contagious. I love it.

Here’s what he had to say after Los Angeles made a statement of three more months of lockdown.

They’ve been at it for 60 straight days feeding nearly 14,000 people per day. You show me 1 John 3:18, I’ll show you Pastor Matthew. Such an incredible human being.

Some of this stuff requires your own soul searching. You have to take inventory of your mouth and your actions and get to the bottom line.

The other night I was into another book and read this quote about “purpose.” I think if you’re having trouble with the “doing” part — it could be associated to a lack of understanding of your purpose.

Purpose is a big f’n word.

Everyone loves to talk about it — but very few help you really drill down into what it really means for YOU.

This is why when I read this quote — I was truly, truly impressed. And, if you’re looking for the book — it’s called,

These three questions should not just be reserved for you — but all of your kids should be thinking through questions like this. Give yourself and your kids a head start on their future. That’s what wisdom looks like to me.

Let’s take Pastor Matthew as an example for this. The reason he can work tirelessly feeding 14,000 people per day is because of these three questions. He has solved them for himself and understands the value because of it.

When you and I begin to do the same — this verse in 1 Peter will stop being vague and start becoming victories for us. Instead of saying more than we are doing — we start doing more than we are saying — and that’s your purpose.



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Anthony Thompson

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