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If you sweat more in practice you will bleed less in war.

I just spent 3 nights sleeping on a boat with seven other guys. I guess you would call it a “retreat,” which actually, it was. I mean, we are in a pandemic, however, we were able to go off to an island and hang out. No agenda. No plans, except for lunch and dinner. It was just eight guys hanging out, having drinks, sharing stories and for me, leaving my phone behind.

I can’t say I left my phone behind, however, it didn’t work on the island. It was a blessing in disguise. I was more purposeful, focused on asking questions and listening to the great minds around me.

I preface that just for you to hear “what” has been happening with me this past week. In addition, I worked out early in the week so I could get away and not have to think about any physical training. Today, I finally got back on the cycle after five days. It felt great after but as you know, challenging.

But wow, what a great podcast with Robin Sharma and Lewis Howes. Robin is known for his 5am club amongst other things. He really emphasized the 20/20/20 program as you start your day. O, and let’s not forget, Robin is all about waking up before the sun. He loves it so much he started the 5am club.

  1. The first 20 minutes is all about movement. Get moving, get those endorphins going. When you move, you grow. It’s your own brain power to generate the energy needed to solve problems and live your best life.
  2. The second 20 minutes is all about reflection. Set your vision for the day. What do you need to do or talk to? What ideas are erupting after your 20 minutes of movement? What is your body and mind trying to get through to you?
  3. The third and final sequence is all about learning. What autobiography or course are you learning or want to learn. Use this stack of movement and reflection to power your mind through maybe the tougher part of learning. These are the moments that spark greatness in you. Maximize these moments to become all that you were created to be.

“The way you start your day powerfully shapes how productively you live it,” — Robin Sharma

Looking over these three areas and logging my own routines, this is very similar to what I am doing. What’s funny is, I’ve begun to write immediately after my workout as it’s when I find my brain to be most active and concentrated on what I am “thinking” or “learning.” In fact, the second 20 minutes for me is all about podcasts. Every time I get on my bike now I have a podcast on from one of my favorite people to learn from. This is a great confirmation for me to keep on doing it. I will be better because of it.

The third area of 20 minutes is something I’m working to get better on. While I do review the podcast and practice my writing, I would like to add reading a book or the Bible more. Robin is absolutely right in his finding but man, I am so thankful I’ve discovered this similar sequence in my own life.

I’m very proud of the fact that I know what works for me and am honest enough to do it.

I’ll leave you with one of Robin Sharma best known quotes which is, “If you really want to be world class — to be the best you can be — it comes down to preparation and practice.” — Robin S. Sharma



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