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Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Anthony Thompson
2 min readDec 1, 2021


Who is coaching for?
It’s for you. It’s for the curious. It’s for the frustrated. It’s for those desiring more in their life. It’s for the dreamers. It’s for the future entrepreneurs. It’s for the Fortune 500 CEO’s. It’s for the moms with business ideas. It’s for the musicians in a creative rut. Simply put, coaching is for you because you have decided to take action.

What is coaching?
Imagine climbing into a jeep. You are driving. I am the passenger and we are in a jungle. The jungle is thick and you are unsure of where to begin.

This jungle cruise is your life and we are navigating it together. Through the use of certified coaching tools, deep questioning and personalized challenges, you will discover everything you need to navigate the jungle.

Your goals become clear.
Your confidence soars.
Your life is changed.

How long are the sessions?
Coaching session range from 45–60 minutes via video conferencing or in person.

How much is the cost?
Coaching programs range from $1,500 — $5,000 depending on frequency.

Why does it cost so much?
How much is your life worth? How much are your dreams worth? What would you pay if you knew you would accomplish your goals?

If your television broke, it would cost around $1,000. I charge more than a TV because your life is worth more than a TV.

If you can’t afford it right now, it’s ok. Jump on my weekly mindset newseltter, it’s free and a great starting point.

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