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‘All of us like sheep have gone astray, We have turned, each one, to his own way; But the L ord has caused the wickedness of us all [our sin, our injustice, our wrongdoing] To fall on Him [instead of us]. ‘ Isaiah 53:6

Somewhere around 2005 I first met a preacher named Benny Hinn. At the time, I was working at a celebrity PR firm and hitting every social event in Hollywood. When he called me, let’s just say, I was VERY surprised. Not pleasantly surprise … really F’N surprised. I was a little nervous that it was like the voice of God trying to track me down and make me confess all my sins.

If you don’t know who Benny Hinn is; watch this video. I usually explain him to be “the preacher in the white suit and everyone falls down.”

When Benny called me (we had a mutual friend) he was looking to hire me. He didn’t know me, just that I was a PK (aka preacher’s kid). He heard that I was not in church anymore — so he was reaching out. Seemed like a nice gesture at the time.

One of the first times we hung out — we went out to Maestro’s Steakhouse. If you know what Maestro’s is — you know it costs your mortgage when you finish your meal.

So, when Benny invited me to Maestro’s — I was excited to go, but very scared to pay. I was terrified of how much money this was going to cost me. I didn’t know Benny and I made little to no money at the time.

However, I went. I met his family, they embraced me and a few months later, he sucked me into working for him.

Which, looking back was one of the greatest decisions I ever made (I met my bride Chantelle in Sydney, Australia while working with him). I’m forever grateful to Pastor Benny and all he has done for me and my family.

Like crying grateful.

But, in that moment when I sat down at Maestro’s — I was f’n TERRIFIED of how much this was going to cost. The best part was — I didn’t have to.

If you know PBH, you know he’s one of the most generous people on the planet. But, I didn’t know that at the time. I was so grateful he picked up the tab on that one and many more to come.

Have you ever been surprised by someone picking up the tab for you? I have felt that so, so, many times in my life. You know you can’t afford to go out to eat — but you do and someone grabs the bill.

Thank God for generous people like that. I can’t tell you enough — how thankful I am for many of those times.

Shout out to my parents (Robb & Linda Thompson)— BIG TIME!
Shout out to our friends Ray & Laura Kang
Shout out to Pastor Brian & Bobbie.
Shout out to my Father in law — Pat Mesiti.
Shout out to Darren & Karen Kitto.
Shout out to LP & Laurie Parton.
Shout out to Pastor Benny & Suzanne Hinn.
Shout out to Theo & Rachel Koulianos
Shout out to David & Nicole Crank

There is so much we owe to so many people for the lives we are living. I constantly remind myself of that thought.

These names above are some friends who have not only picked up “the bill” for me and my family but whose voices have shaped my life and our families lives.

I love the quote:

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. — Anonymous

What if today was one of those days where you audited your relationships? Maybe you need to drill down on who is bringing energy to your life and who is sucking it out?

‘Jesus said to him, “ I am the [only] Way [to God] and the [real] Truth and the [real] Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. ‘ John 14:6

A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the L ord directs his steps and establishes them. Proverbs 16:9 AMP

I’ve got to show BCH some love right here on this one too.

Have a look around at your life today. Are you happy with what is being produced? If not, can you identify what or how you need to change?

I think you’d be surprised at how quickly you can turn things around when you have the right people + the right thinking. Anything is truly possible.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help me to realize what you have done for me. The life I have. The air in my lungs — is because of you. Show me how I can move forward today. If it’s people I need — show me who I need to find. If it’s wisdom — please grant it. Today is my day to move forward — amen.




I help high performing professionals unlock their potential and become the champion they were created to be.

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Anthony Thompson

Anthony Thompson

I help high performing professionals unlock their potential and become the champion they were created to be.

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